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ANNOUNCEMENT: Major Changes Are Coming For The Busby Babe

A few weeks back, we hinted that major changes were coming to The Busby Babe and also to the entire network of SB Nation -- the parent company that we're privileged to be a part of. In case you missed it, this will very soon be the new logo of this site:


Think of the changes as TBB 2.0. Think of this as the greatest thing since Gangnam Style!

'United through individuality' is the underlying theme in the changes to the SB Nation network. The design will be massively different but it will also be massively awesome. Once you get acclimated to the new design, you'll notice that much of the stuff you enjoy about TBB -- the content (we hope at least), the community interaction, fanshots, fanposts, etc -- will still exist. Our hope that this is a tremendous upgrade for both our readers and writers. Here's a sneak preview as what our new design will look like:


Don't worry, the changes do not include us switching into a LA Lakers site (the Seattle SuperSonics live forever in my heart though). This is merely an idea as to what TBB's 'cover' will look like. One of the improvements made is that we're going to make sure that you're seeing the best and brightest content up front with our flexible layout, modern design, and reduction of clutter. In addition, the changes are going to make our sites load faster and run better meaning you can get to the content you want faster. Furthermore, there will no longer be the need for a SB Nation app as TBB 2.0 is going to make the experience on our site run seamlessly from every platform -- whether that be mobile, tablet, or computer. No matter where you are, the experience will not change. Here's an example from mobile:


As mentioned, the new design will not take away or change any of the community elements you love like FanPosts, FanShots, and GameThreads. Here's a sample of what the FanShots will look like:


Change is coming very soon. Be excited y'all.