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Watching your son make his Manchester United debut is priceless -- or is it?

Ten years ago, Ryan Turncliffe's father bet £100 that his son would play for Manchester United. Today, he did.

Alex Livesey - Getty Images

What a priceless moment it must have been for Ryan Tunnicliffe's father, Mick, to have witnessed his son making his Manchester United debut tonight -- or was it? The Guardian's minute-by-minute coverage of tonight's defeat of Newcastle United in the Capital One Cup had this bit of knowledge:

"75 min: The camera cuts to Mick Tunnicliffe in the stand at Old Trafford. You probably haven’t heard of him, but several years ago, he went to the bookies and placed a £100 bet on his boy Ryan playing for Manchester United’s first team some day at 100-1 …"

Source: Guardian

Mick Tunnicliffe apparently placed the bet about 10 years ago when Ryan was just 9-years-old. For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that means Ryan's father not only had the proud moment of watching his boy don the famous United shirt for the first-time for the senior side, but he also got to pocket £10,000. That will pay for a few (thousand) pints.