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Week 3 SB Nation Premier League Power Rankings: Manchester United remain at No.3

We finally have 2 CB's available now. I know!
We finally have 2 CB's available now. I know!

Over at the dot-com, this week's Power Rankings have been published for the English Premier League. As always, the voting is quite subjective and each voter likely weighs in recent results, overall squad strength, and future expectations a bit differently. Personally, my voting reflects the latter two more while using the results of the first three weeks -- which is not enough for me for thorough analysis, especially when considering all of the recent last minute transfer activity -- as more supplemental in regards to my opinions. There really isn't any wrong way to go about it though unless you do something crazy like putting Liverpool in the top four. I firmly believe some clubs came into the season better prepared than others for various reasons and I do think a number of disjointed sides will improve as the season progresses (I'm looking at you Manchester United!). Here are the Week 3 Power Rankings -- let us know what you think.

I personally voted Manchester United No.2 behind Manchester City. My top four was rounded out by Chelsea and Arsenal. Here's the comment I contributed in regards to United:

"Sir Alex Ferguson's side has only played one good half of football in the young season and it did not occur during the past weekend versus Southampton, the manager's 1,000th league match in charge of Manchester United. However, Robin van Persie's hat-trick obviously stole the headlines -- as did his botched Panenka penalty attempt to a lesser extent -- and many United fans were buzzing after the match due to the late goal dramatics. One important thing that may have gone unnoticed by some was Paul Scholes completely changing the match when he came on as a substitute in the 61st minute. Sir Alex and RvP certainly noticed as they couldn't stop praising his influence in post-match interviews. The 37-year-old maestro is a still a boss."

- Your extremely handsome TBB editor