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Fiorentina pout and demand money from Dimitar Berbatov

Fiorentina wants some Berba money? LOL wut?
Fiorentina wants some Berba money? LOL wut?

Well this is amusing. The end of any transfer window typically involves some crazy happenings and that includes Serie A side Fiorentina pouting and demanding money back from Dimitar Berbatov. When the Italian club were trying to woo the silky striker near the recent transfer deadline, they apparently paid for the flights and hotel arrangements of Berba and his representatives. The Bulgarian never arrived in Florence and Fiorentina now are acting like scorned lovers. I know money is extremely tight these days in Serie A but this is ridiculous and somewhat hilarious. These are simply the basic expenses in trying to do business.

As we all know, Berba ended up at Fulham but reports indicated that both Fiorentina and Juventus were trying to acquire Berba's services. Here are some highly amusing comments from Fiorentina sporting director Daniele Prade and a bitter statement from the club after their failed business:

"I'm happy he didn't arrive. I've never seen anything like it. We want the plane ticket refunded and will certainly demand that reimbursement from his agent, 100%."

- Prade | Source: Radio Blu

If you're courting someone and you take them out to a nice dinner and things don't end up quite like you planned, do you demand money back for dinner?! I suppose you do if you're a douche.

Here is the bitter club statement:

"The player embarked, in the company of his agent and with tickets paid by Fiorentina, on a direct flight to Florence. But the player never arrived in Florence. [This was] owing to the reckless and arrogant actions of other clubs which have nothing to do with the values of decency, fair play and ethics of the sport and which go beyond the limits of fairness. As for the player, notwithstanding his characteristics and technical merit, at this point we are happy that he did not come to Fiorentina. He did not deserve our city and our shirt and the values it represents."

- AFC Fiorentina

I think it's safe to say Berba won't ever be donning a Fiorentina shirt. Although it may have been fitting to see the man strolling the streets where the Renaissance was born.