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Jonny Evans re-aggravates ankle while on Northern Ireland duty

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I personally felt rejuvenated by international football this past summer after a wonderful Euro 2012 and I didn't even need a horse in the race to enjoy it. However, this current international break has me annoyed again by it because its arrived so quickly after the beginning of Manchester United's newest campaign. It now has me further perturbed after I read this ESPN FC report that Jonny Evans reaggravated his ankle injury while on Northern Ireland duty on Friday. The 25-year-old had surgery on his ankle during the summer and the same ankle began to bother him again in the first-half of his country's World Cup qualifier defeat by Russia. Despite feeling it early in the match, the United defender took pain killers and played the full 90 minutes. I guarantee Sir Alex Ferguson won't be too pleased when he hears about this. Here's what Evans had to say about it:

"I've only played one reserve game this season after having the surgery in the summer so to be honest, it was just good to get back on the pitch. But I felt my ankle after about five minutes. It was the same one I had surgery on in the summer but I got a heavier strap put on it and I was able to carry on for the second half. I was disappointed I felt pain so quickly in the game but if I'm being honest, I always expected I would feel a little pain -- just not that early. After a couple of painkillers, it did feel a bit better and if anything I felt stronger as the game went on, but like I say, I had a heavier strapping on then."

- Evans

Jonny (I'm going to pretend you're actually reading this -- if so, I'm a huge fan of your past season!), sit out Northern Ireland's qualifier on Tuesday. Look, I understand the match and qualifying might be immensely important to you but the fact of the matter is that your country isn't going to qualify for the World Cup anyway. Your club though -- the organization that pays you millions of quid to play football -- will be fighting for multiple trophies this year (hopefully) and they desperately need you now with Chris Smalling and Phil Jones unavailable -- you know, two youngsters who are trying to get ahead of you in the United pecking order as the future stalwarts United's central-defense. You were tremendous last season and Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand are looking vulnerable now too. You actually have a chance to make yourself the clear first-choice central-defender at United this season . Sit out Tuesday and get yourself fit -- all parties will be better off for it.