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Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Sean Connery crash Andy Murray's presser

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So... Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Sean Connery, and Andy Murray's mother crash a Andy Murray presser -- what happens? Apparently this according to this Guardian report:

- Connery: "Excuse me for interrupting, but I just wanted to make a point. Where's Alex? [Applause]. I don't know where your mother is. Ah, there she is."

- Andy Murray [to Connery]: "Are you going to be around tomorrow?"

- Connery [deaf to the question]: "Come on, Judy. Judy, Judy, Judy."

- Andy Murray [to his mum]: "You smell of wine."

- Judy Murray: " [nodding at Ferguson]: "He made me have wine. He's just been telling me that Scotland invented the world."

- Fergie: "Been coming here the last three years to New York, and I explained how Scotland invented the world; today we invented the wind."

- Connery: "Today they conquered the world!"

- Fergie: "Very good. Fantastic."

- Andy Murray: "[beaming and bemused]: "See you after the match tomorrow."

- Fergie: "Continue your interview … You know I don't talk to journalists."

Amazing. Maybe international breaks aren't that bad. Fergie, please crash the presser again if Murray wins in his final. And be sure to bring the wine.