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Post Match Reaction: Manchester United 1 - 0 West Ham United

Wayne Rooney put this one to bed early with a goal in the early knockings of the game. West Ham were much improved in the second half, but couldn't find a goal to take it to extra time.

Chris Brunskill

When you think of the FA Cup, you think of passion. Crowds screaming themselves horse. Brilliant goals. Lung busting performances

This game had none of those. Old Trafford was once again impersonating a library. The game had nothing special and I am sure it would have been wiped from my memory before I go for my morning log laying tomorrow.


The performance of Ryan Giggs was nigh on sensational tonight. Playing in CM where he had struggled in recent times, he dictated the game for the large part. He provided moments of genius, which were ruined only for the over eager Chicharito who wandered offside on too many occasion tonight, and a woeful penalty from Wayne Rooney.

Three moments stick out in my mind. The first was a delightful dinked ball with the outside of his boot which Chicha was offside for. Again, Chica was offside for a volleyed pass this time, played over the had of a CB. The third was a run that rolled back the years. he beat two or three and played a cross that was, admittedly, harsh to be called handball. Three moments of class that I doubt anyone else in our squad would not have had the imagination to try. I'm including Robin Van Persie, Rooney and Paul Scholes in that too. Simply sublime from the Welsh Wizard.

He also was seen running back to perfectly time a tackle on Vaz Te who was bearing down on the box after retrieving a ball that had bounced back off the corner flag.

How can a 39 year old do these type of things? It defies belief!

Elsewhere in the game, Rooney had put United ahead early on after Chicharito had very unselfishly squared a pass to him to leave an open net for the Englishman. United dominated the first half and some of the passing and movement was very easy on the eye. However, no second goal invited West Ham to have a go in the second half. They obliged, and it wasn't until Michael Carrick came on that United were able to rediscover their control of the game. Rooney should have made it 2-0, but.... Put it this way. I doubt Fergie lets him take a penalty again in a meaningful game. I would rather Danny Welbeck take....... That's stretching it actually.

Phil Jones, Anderson and Nani returned from injury and all played reasonably well. Buttner got a run out. But tonight was all about one man. Soak this in because he won't be around for long.

Thank you Ryan.