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Sir Alex Ferguson charged by FA for misconduct

Despite what Chelsea's fat Spanish waiter says, Sir Alex Ferguson doesn't always get away with criticism of referees.

Clive Brunskill

These comments from Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, which came after a 1-1 draw two weekends ago away to Tottenham Hotspur, have gotten him in a bit of hot water with the FA:

"It was a clear penalty and he was definitely brought down. He put his leg in and the linesman was right there facing it. I thought the linesman had a very poor game. I thought he was disappointing...

We got a bit of a bad break. I think we should have had a throw-in down our side of the pitch but that linesman never gave us a thing all day. For me, it was a poor performance by him. He never saw the penalty kick from Wayne Rooney and some other decisions. We remember him well from his time at the Chelsea game when [Didier] Drogba was three yards offside and he gave onside. I think he had a shocking game today and I’m disappointed in his performance, I really am. I think he has had a bad game and we never got anything from that side of the pitch."

- Ferguson | Source: Sky Sports

There are two specific incidents that the gaffer is referencing from that snowy day at White Hart Lane: (1) he felt United should have been awarded a penalty because he thought Wayne Rooney had been taken down in the box in the 2nd-half and (2) on the Spurs equaliser in stoppage time, he felt Rafael had been fouled near the touchline prior to Clint Demspey scoring.

Here's the FA's response today on the matter:

"The FA has today charged Sir Alex Ferguson in relation to post-match media comments made following Manchester United's game at Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday 20 January 2013.

"It is alleged the Manchester United manager breached FA Rule E3 in that he implied that the match official was motivated by bias. Ferguson has until 4pm on Friday 1 February 2013 to respond to the charge."

- FA

So yeah, despite what the fat Spanish waiter says, Fergie doesn't get away with everything. It was just two seasons ago when the United manager served a five-game ban after his objections to Martin Atkinson's refereeing decisions during a pivotal contest at Chelsea. The Scotsman had been anticipating some sort of response soon from the FA judging by what he had to say last Friday during his weekly press conference:

"That is what I have put in my letter exactly. But you never know the FA. We are high profile and the profile of me is such that the FA naturally panic as soon as the press criticise them. I think that is what you will find. That is why they have sent me a letter. Whether I think it is unfair or not doesn't matter to them really at this point. I just think it is more about me than what I have said."

- Ferguson | Source: MUTV