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Sir Alex Ferguson wants an investigation into Zeki Fryers deal with Spurs

Sir Alex Ferguson isn't too fond of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy.

Alex Livesey

When Sir Alex Ferguson sent out his Christmas cards in December, it's certain that Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy was not the recipient of one. Neither was likely Roberto Mancini, Alan Pardew, nor Carlos Tevez. Anyway...

Former Manchester United defender Zeki Fryers left the club last summer for Standard Liege of the Belgian league and this occurred after United and Spurs failed to come to an agreement over the compensation package of the out-of-contract 20-year-old. Well, it was announced this week that Spurs had come to an agreement with Standard Liege for Fryers just six months after his summer deal. It was an odd situation that raised some eyebrows (Carlo Ancelotti style) and it was certainly one that caught the attention of Fergie:

"We expected that to be honest with you. How would you put it? To me, I think it's a blatant manipulation of the rules. Tottenham did nothing wrong as he went to Standard Liege. They tried to buy him off us and we'd been looking for a certain figure. They wouldn't pay it but asked if they could take him down there on trial and, at that time, he was out of contract in June anyway. So he went down on trial and he went to Portugal with them. They then said they weren't prepared to pay the money and, all of a sudden, he signed for Standard Liege. We knew immediately and suspected that he would return to Tottenham in January and that's happened. It's a [Spurs chairman] Daniel Levy deal. You know, it's his fingerprints all over it. It's the kind of thing we expected he was going to do. There's nothing we can do about it but I think that really we should, first of all, register our discontent in it," he explained. "I think the league should look into it. I think the registration should be stopped until they investigate it thoroughly. There's bound to be a trail, either mobile phones or e-mails, that could give you the full story of it. I must say I'm disappointed in Tottenham. For whatever reason, a club that size has decided to go down this route. I'm disappointed."

- Ferguson | Source: MUTV

Tottenham fans, if this annoys you, at least be happy he didn't call you a 'wee' club. You're 'a club that size'!