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GIFs: Robin van Persie puts United ahead, celebrates hard

Robin van Persie has scored to put Manchester United ahead against Arsenal, and celebrated hard after doing so.

Robin van Persie has scored for Manchester United against Arsenal, and so much for not celebrating against your old club. The Dutchman was ecstatic after scoring and putting United into a 1-0 lead against their rivals.

A GIF of the goal, which came from some pretty awful Arsenal marking from a corner:


And a GIF of the celebration.


Celebration GIF courtesy of @brocadfael.

Nice. It's been a pretty solid start for United, with Arsenal not having had any real chances so far. Wayne Rooney's been lively, but he's also had the first touch of Steve Sidwell. And we still have Adnan Januzaj to bring on off the bench if we need someone to score two goals, or something.

It's looking pretty promising so far, not least because results today and yesterday have made this a pretty huge game for both sides. Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham all lost, so it's all getting up for grabs now...