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Pick your team against Arsenal: The defence

David Moyes will need to pick the right team to get a result against Arsenal, so we'll see how ours compares. First up: the back four.

Alex Livesey

Since taking on Arsenal on Sunday is such a huge game, David Moyes will need to get the right team. Lets see if he takes any of our advice on board.

We have pretty much a full selection of defenders to choose from, although Jonny Evans is a slight doubt. So, take your pick out of the varying combinations of Patrice Evra, Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Evans, Phil Jones, Rafael and Chris Smalling. We're going to assume there isn't anyone who wants to drop Evra, although we are giving you the opportunity to make the equally insane decision to leave out Rafael and play one of our many players who aren't right-backs there.

We'll also make the assumption that Antonio Valencia is unlikely to start against Arsenal at right-back and that Fabio has offended Moyes in some terrible way that will ensure he never gets a game. We'll also assume nobody wants Anders Lindegaard in goal.

Bielsa fans please leave - we'll have no back threes here, thank you very much. On Remembrance Sunday, of all days?