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Pick your team against Arsenal: Midfielders

Which two of Manchester United's terrible midfielders will line up against Arsenal? You decide!

David Ramos

Since Arsenal will be such a big game for us, let's pick our collective eleven before the game, and spot the differences with the real thing.

The goal is to pick the best team, not the one you think David Moyes will send out (and they probably are two very different things.)

We're picking the midfield two here, so if we play with three then the third, furthest forward midfielder (E.g. Kagawa, Rooney) will be listed among the strikers. We're assuming that nobody wants to do anything too weird like play Kagawa or Rooney in a two, but the option is there for you to select Anderson, if you are, for whatever reason, so inclined.

Pretty much everybody is fit so the good news is that we have a full host of terrible, terrible midfielders for you to choose from. Michael Carrick has a chance that he might miss out but we'll assume that he's going to be fit.