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Pick your team against Arsenal: Wingers

It's time to choose Manchester United's wingers against Arsenal, with a wide variety ranging from the useless to the cowardly to the out-of-form to the erotic.

Mike Hewitt

It's time to choose the wingers Manchester United will play against Arsenal, and lucky us - we've got a whole bunch of fully-fit, out of form mediocrities to choose from.

Adnan Januzaj will probably be a shoo-in for most teams, although beware that players such as he and Kagawa will also appear among the strikers as the option of the deeper of the two, so hopefully we'll avoid any double appearances.

Danny Welbeck doesn't feature as he's sadly injured. So it's a choice between Januzaj, Kagawa, Ashley Young, Antonio Valencia, Ryan Giggs, and Nani. We'll assume nobody wants Wayne Rooney out wide or anything else too daft. Oh, and the option is there for you to put Wilfried Zaha in the team, despite the fact it will quite clearly never, ever happen, since all our wide players have been in such magnificent form it's been impossible for him to break into the side.