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Pick your team against Arsenal: Strikers

Finally, we come to choosing Manchester United's strikers against Arsenal, including people who aren't really strikers but are in here because it's the easiest way to have the polls make sense.

Clive Brunskill

Finally, you'll want to choose Manchester United's strikers against Arsenal. We have a wide variety to choose from here, not the least because this basically means the striker and whoever's playing behind them, even if that's someone who's not really a striker, like Shinji Kagawa or Adnan Januzaj.

Everybody's fit apart from Danny Welbeck, with Robin van Persie a slight concern but now almost guaranteed to start. As ever, don't pick the team you think will get sent out, pick the one you'd like to see. In all probability, they are two different things.

If you're here first, note that some players will also appear in other sections. Adnan Januzaj appears both in the wing and in here. Ryan Giggs appears in both and midfield. Please, think ahead, and try not to pick them twice or terrible, terrible things will happen, and we won't be able to have nice things ever again.