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Tottenham 2-2 Manchester United: Player ratings and instant analysis

There were some very fine performances from Manchester United's players today, and there were some utterly terrible ones as well. The most mixed game of the season so far on a personal level...

Michael Regan

David de Gea 6

Strange not to see him dive for Sandro's goal, having already stepped over to that side, but could do nothing about the opener. Was otherwise not really tested by Spurs' misfiring frontline.

Chris Smalling 7

As usual, offered little going forwards, but such is to be expected. Put in the best defensive performance out of the back four and was useful on set-pieces too.

Nemanja Vidic 6

Not as solid as he has been lately. Did not steady the ship when United were looking all at sea after the opening goal - fortunately, United's equaliser did.

Jonny Evans 6

As above. A couple of times when he might have been better - gave a slightly more authoritative performance than his counterpart but not by much.

Patrice Evra 6

Was slightly lacking in all departments - didn't defend or progress play as well as recently, and made one particularly bad error. By his own very high standards, a big drop.

Antonio Valencia 5

Beat his man more often than usual, but often more by luck than judgement, and did nothing with the ball when doing so, frequently wasting excellent opportunities.

Phil Jones 8

A superb performance from Jones, who was badly let down by some shockingly meek performances from Cleverley and Kagawa. Was his usual solid self in midfield, but much improved on the ball too. Growing in confidence, and further cemented his claim to be United's best midfielder.

Tom Cleverley 1

Were it not for his pathetic falling over for Sandro's goal, would have been impossible to recall if he was on the pitch or not. Utterly useless in absolutely every respect. There cannot be anyone in the reserves in any position worse than this.

Danny Welbeck 7

An energetic shift, somewhat starved of chances but went on a fine run to earn the penalty for Rooney's second. Was much more effective when moved centrally, speaking of which...

Shinji Kagawa 2

If Kagawa is played in his supposed magical special position in a game this open and does nothing, absolutely nothing, then there simply can be no hope for his United career. Was moved back out to the wing to do less damage midway through the second half, with Rooney instead moving deeper, and - hey presto! United immediately scored their second. Really could be so much better than this, but almost never made the effort to get into space and when he was did nothing with it.

Wayne Rooney 8

Almost the inverse of his usual performances this season in that he was strangely terrible at set-piece delivery but mostly excellent at everything else. Some good instinctive poaching for the first goal, not a great penalty for the second but he did score it, and also set it up with a fantastic pass for Welbeck. Otherwise looked better on the ball than he has done lately, bar a couple of times when he took too many touches. Defended well too, and United were noticably better when he replaced the woeful Kagawa in the central role.

- - - - -

David Moyes 7

Did the right thing to put Rooney in the hole rather than Kagawa, without which United would not have had their second, but took too long to make substitutions, with Young a questionable choice. Also some players, like Adnan Januzaj and Marouane Fellaini, who may have been use in such a game but were not selected. Moyes continues to disappoint with his substitutions, but the Kagawa-Rooney-Welbeck switch shows a promising sign that he is getting to both know his players and make use of the tremendous versatility in United's squad - the weapon Ferguson was able to wield to the most devastating effect.