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Manchester United January transfer window: Marco Reus release clause set to be broken

Manchester United's January transfer window could be a big one, and Marco Reus is one of the star names linked to the club in recent weeks.

Dennis Grombkowski

On the second day of the January transfer window, my true love gave to me....

Two German wingers,

and a Scottish playmaker.

Marco Reus is one of the bigger names linked to United this January, with the club apparently willing to pay big bucks to secure the signing of a very handy attacker - a prolific goalscorer, a creator, with speed and finesse, Reus is a very complete player and pretty much any team in the world could use him. That's assuming, of course, that he doesn't do what every other Dortmund player does upon leaving and begin to look lost.

Yet there was the early suspicion with Marco Reus that it looked like one of the deals of the summer that failed to materialise. Not because he's out of United's league - we can afford to pay much higher wages than Dortmund and are a much bigger club. There's no doubt that United could make massive deals if they wanted to. Instead, it was the manner of it.

Reus has a release clause. United wanted to include Shinji Kagawa in the deal, so the story went. The obvious criticism is that players do not count towards a release clause - otherwise we could just say 'well, we value Tom Cleverley at 30m' and include him and have done with it. It seemed like one of the ploys during the summer that would inevitable end in failure, defeated by our own incompetence and penny-pinching.

Now, however, there's been suggestions that United have accepted that they'll simply have to fork out the cash. Whether Kagawa will still go is open to question, since whenever the club's been faced with the decision of taking a brave step to get rid of a player in recent years, they rarely do - but it's hopeful that we'll be looking to get Reus, at least.

The problem is that's a huge amount of money for a position that, while we could certainly benefit from a player like Reus, is not a priority. It would also be typical were we to pull off such an impressive signing and then completely neglect the midfield again. But this one seems to be gaining a lot of ground, and is definitely one of the number one targets to keep an eye on this January.