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Midfield target chooses Manchester United over Real Madrid - report

Manchester United's transfer rumours now lead us to Brazil, where they're reportedly chasing Cruzeiro's Everton Ribeiro.

Buda Mendes

On the seventh day of the January transfer window, Ed Woodward gave to me...

Seven Scouse Brazilians,

Six Spaniards Passing, Fiiiiiiiive leg-breakers, Four box-to-boxers, three Basque midfielders, two German wingers, and a Scottish playmaker.

Well, Preston North End Ribeiro wouldn't sound right at all, would it? Everton Ribeiro is not actually scouse, despite his name - we've had enough of those in recent years, thanks - and is one of the many, many box-to-box Brazilian midfielders around at the moment, and he won player of the season in Brazil while Neymar was still there - quite a feat.

Ribeiro can play in many roles, but generally players of his ilk are best left to do their own thing, and he could bring a lot to United's midfield that they currently lack, providing an attacking thrust while also giving some steel and pace to the area.

A move would cost a reported £12m, well within United's range, and the player himself has spoken highly of the club, and when asked if he would prefer United to Real Madrid, said: ‘Yes, I would prefer that. The structure they have in place is one of the best in the world. I have been there already and went to a lecture by Alex Ferguson when I was younger.'

Ribeiro also revealed that he knows United from playing as them on video games. Let's hope we can get a deal done before he plays too much of the newer editions Santa will have brought him...