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Moyes: Kagawa "ate too much" and "had to have his stomach pumped"

Manchester United's Shinji Kagawa had to have his stomach pumped after eating too much, according to David Moyes, in one of the most bizarre moments of the season.

Michael Regan

Shinji Kagawa ate too much food and had to have his stomach pumped as a result, according to David Moyes.

The midfielder was absent from Manchester United's 1-0 home defeat to Newcastle, and Moyes made the bizarre claim that he had missed the game because he "thinks he ate too much food" and "had his stomach pumped."

This is one for the "now, I'm not a doctor, but" files. The only time I've heard of people having their stomach pumped is if they've dropped a bad E or have gotten beyond blackout drunk. Not the sort of thing you have to have for eating one too many slices of pie. Maybe Moyes has just worded this wrong, I have no idea. Maybe there'll be further developments. But it doesn't look good for Kagawa's... well, determination to succeed at the club.

Is there a chance we'll wake up and this season has all been a dream?