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Poll: Does David Gill's resignation as Manchester United CEO worry you?

Vote in our poll and if you fancy expressing your opinion further, feel free to do so in the comments section.

Richard Heathcote

It was anticipated to be a relatively slow news week for Manchester United (at least that's what I anticipated). Yesterday though, the club made the surprise announcement that chief executive David Gill will step down at the end of June. By many accounts, Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson get on very well and because of the apparent respect that each has for the other, they're able to have healthy disagreements. Ferguson has said Gill departing is a "big loss."

Stability has undoubtedly been one of Manchester United FC's strengths during the Ferguson era. Gill has been at Old Trafford for the most recent 16 years of that -- the past 10 as chief executive -- and despite his controversial support of the Glazers, it's generally accepted that he's done his job well. Ed Woodward -- a man that was involved as a broker for the Glazers takeover of United before joining the club -- will be Gill's replacement.

Does Gill's departure worry you? Or do you think the club will be just fine without him? Or do you feel indifferent to the situation? Be sure to vote in the poll below and feel to further express your opinion in the comments section.

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