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Fulham 0-1 Manchester United: Statistics & Post-Match Quotes

Statistics and post-match quotes from Sir Alex Ferguson, Wayne Rooney, and Martin Jol.

Jamie McDonald

The Busby Babe



Shots (on target)

16 (6) 16 (7)

Total Passes Completed

270 366

Passing Accuracy

75% 84%

Ball Possession

45% 55%

Tackles won

21 20


15 18


10 15


5 8


2 7

* David de Gea (goalkeeper): 8/13 passing (62%), 0 goals conceded, 6 saves

* Rio Ferdinand (right-center-back): 31/35 passing (89%) 4/5 long balls, 0 tackles, 1 interception, 18 clearances (10 effective), 0 shots blocked, 0 fouls

* Jonny Evans (left-center-back): 36/42 passing (86%), 4/7 long balls, 4 tackles, 3 interceptions, 17 (8 effective), 1 shot blocked, 2 fouls, 1 assist

* Rafael (right-back): 33/39 passing (85%), 0 chances created, 1/3 crosses, 1/3 long balls, 0 successful dribbles, 2 tackles, 0 interceptions, 6 clearances (3 effective), 2 shots blocked, 2 fouls

* Patrice Evra (left-back): 25/28 passing (89%), 0 chances created, 0/2 crosses, 1/2 long balls, 0 successful dribbles, 2 tackles, 1 interceptions, 11 clearances (5 effective), 0 shots blocked, 2 fouls

* Michael Carrick (central-midfield): 62/70 passing (89%), 0 chances created, 0/0 crosses, 9/11 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 5 tackles, 3 interceptions, 0 shots

* Tom Cleverley (central-midfield | substituted off 75'): 59/61 passing (97%), 4 chances created, 0/0 crosses, 11/12 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 2 tackles, 1 interceptions, 0 shots

* Antonio Valencia (right-winger | substituted off 66'): 32/38 passing (84%), 0 chances created, 1/5 crosses, 2/3 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 1 successful dribble, 1 foul won, 2 tackles, 0 interceptions, 1 shot (0 on target)

* Nani (left-winger | substituted off 84'): 17/30 passing (57%), 1 chance created, 0/6 crosses, 0/0 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 1 successful dribble, 1 foul won, 1 tackle, 2 inteceptions, 3 shots (0 on target)

* Wayne Rooney (secondary-striker): 35/41 passing (85%), 2 chances created, 0/5 crosses, 5/6 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 0 fouls won, 2 tackles, 0 interceptions, 5 shots (2 on target), 1 goal

* Robin van Persie (striker): 18/25 passing (72%), 2 chances created, 1/6 crosses, 1/1 long balls, 0/1 through balls, 1 successful dribble, 1 foul won, 3 shots (3 on target)

* Javier Hernandez (striker | substituted on 66'): 4/5 passing, 0 chances created, 0/0 crosses, 0/0 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 1 foul won, 1 shot (1 on target)

* Ryan Giggs (central-midfield | substituted on 75'): 4/6 passing (67%), 0 chances created, 0/2 crosses, 0/0 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 0 tackles, 0 interceptions, 0 shots

* Danny Welbeck (winger | substituted on 84'): 2/2 passing (100%), 0 chances created, 0/0 crosses, 0/0 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 0 fouls won, 0 shots


Sir Alex Ferguson | MUFC manager (courtesy of MUTV & ESPN)

(On the result...) "It's an excellent result for us and I'm very pleased with that. They've had a great home record over the years and that's a really important result for us. It's a good position [being ten points clear], we're pleased."

(Overall thoughts on the match...) "It was a fantastic, battling performance. There was a great determination about us. I thought they were really up for it, the players, making sure they weren't going to lose the game. This is not an easy place to come to, as everyone knows, and over the years they've been difficult to beat here. It's a good performance, a really good game, an important result... they're all important now. It's three points for each team you play against, it doesn't matter if it's the top, the bottom or the middle, they all count."

(On his side's defensive performance...) "When you look at our performance, you saw players who were prepared to put their body on the line. We blocked shots, had great headers out of the defence, it was a really determined effort by the players and we still played our football into the bargain. Fulham had some great chances and our goalkeeper, Rio and Jonny were terrific"

(On United's own chances...) "We had a few chances ourselves, in the second half in particular – clear chances for Robin van Persie, Chicharito. In the first half we hit the woodwork three times. I think we've deserved to win, but it was a smashing game. There were so many chances in the match and some terrific football."

(On the media criticism of David de Gea...) "It's not fazed him, for sure. He's enjoyed this game tonight. We've said that to him - Eric Steele has in particular - to enjoy playing here. It's a challenge and it's not easy for a young goalkeeper, but he's enjoyed tonight."

Wayne Rooney | MUFC attacker (courtesy of MUTV & ESPN)

(On his goal being similar to Cristiano Ronaldo's hugely important goal at Craven Cottage in the 2006/07 season...) "It was obviously a little bit similar. I think, after that [Ronaldo's winner], we went on to win the league and went on a great run that season. Hopefully that can happen again after today.

(On his winner...) "I think, as you run through, that you always try and assess the situation and what you feel is best to do - if you feel you can score or if a team-mate is in a better position to score. But I fancied the shot and, thankfully, it's gone in."

(Overall thoughts and on the result...) "It did feel significant. It was a tough game. It's always difficult coming here and they made it difficult for us. We had a few chances in the first half - hit the post and crossbar three times, I think - but they made it difficult in the second half. We just had to keep going and believe we could get the goal, and thankfully we did. After that we hung on really well. It's a massive three points for us."

(On going ten-points clear in the title-race...) "We're in a good position, of course, but we're not going to get carried away We need to just keep going and taking each game as it comes and see where we are with three or four games to go. That'll be the time we can really believe we're going to win it. You never know about tomorrow. The most important thing for us was winning today and then we'll see what happens. Hopefully, [Manchester] City will drop points but, if not, we'll have to just keep going."

(On David de Gea...) "He was superb. I think he's been great for us over the last few weeks as he's made some great saves. I know he got a little bit of criticism after the Tottenham game but he made five or six world-class saves in that game and it wasn't the biggest mistake I've ever seen. We're all behind him and backing him. He's a great player for us and for the future as well."

Martin Jol | Fulham manager (courtesy of Fulham's official site)

(Overall thoughts...) "United are a fantastic team and they caused us problems in the first 20 minutes. But during that 20 minutes we had two or three very good chances. The ball hit the post, went next to the post, a great shot, another shot. We could have scored but we didn’t. In the second half I thought we were even better. We looked dangerous and it was one of our better games this year, although we missed Sidwell and Dimitar. I’m still disappointed as we kept it at 0-0 for so long. You hope for more and it didn’t happen. But it was a good performance and one of our best this year. The most pleasing aspect was that we knew we had a couple of injuries. Giorgos Karagounis had to play again, he’s playing with his heart and I thought he had a good game."

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