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Everton Q&A -- Give us your questions!

Send us your questions for our Q&A exchange with Royal Blue Mersey -- the Everton community on SB Nation -- ahead of Sunday's match with the Toffees!

This man doesn't 'head' the ball, he 'hairs' it.
This man doesn't 'head' the ball, he 'hairs' it.
Lars Baron

I know many of you have shifted your focus to next week's highly anticipated European tie with Real Madrid* at the Bernabeu. Next up, though, for Manchester United, is a very difficult Premier League fixture with Everton FC on Sunday -- the same side that impressively defeated the league-leaders at Goodison Park on the season's opening day. Their left-side had all sorts of joy versus our right-side on that night while their big-haired Belgian put in a man-of-the-match performance against our hapless central-defenders. Fortunately for this weekend's match at Old Trafford, Michael Carrick will not be a central-defender and hopefully Nemanja Vidic will be available for aerial duels. Hopefully we can also avenge last season's 4-4 result during this same fixture.

* Some of the TBB staff are certainly guilty of this.

Ahead of this weekend's match, we've reached out to Royal Blue Mersey -- SB Nation's Everton community -- for a Q&A exchange. If you any questions about the Toffees, post them in the comments section below. We'll be collecting the best of them by Wednesday and then sending them off to RBM to be answered. Have at it!

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