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Real Madrid Q&A Part 2 -- Give us your questions!

Give us your questions for our second Q&A with Managing Madrid ahead of next week's trip to the Bernabeu.

Denis Doyle

For Manchester United's massive two-legged round of 16 UEFA Champions League tie with Real Madrid, we've arranged our first two-part Q&A exchange with corresponding opposition -- Managing Madrid -- prior to next week's trip to the Bernabeu. In case you missed, here's the first Q&A we did earlier in the week with their lead editor Lucas Navarrete. The questions supplied for that one were provided by the TBB staff. For the second Q&A, we're going to open it up to the community here. In the comments section below, give us your questions and by Sunday, we'll round up the best topics and present them to Lucas. We hope to have this second Q&A published by Monday. If you haven't read the first Q&A, we highly recommend that you do so that questions aren't repeated. We also encourage you to browse through the comments section because Lucas was kind enough to take the time during the week to answer follow-up questions in that Q&A. Give us your questions!

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