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Rafa Benitez claims Sir Alex Ferguson snubbed him for a handshake

Oh, Rafa.

'Please don't touch me Rafa'
'Please don't touch me Rafa'
Alex Livesey

Handshake gate! Albeit in a different fashion this time. One of the amusing anecdotes from Chelsea fat Spanish waiter interim manager Rafa Benitez is his claim that Manchester United (not interim) manager Sir Alex Ferguson snubbed him for a pre-match handshake. The Spaniard said the Scot walked right past him.

"I was waiting at the beginning. It's up to him, I was in the way waiting. Ask him (why) if you are brave enough to ask him. It was his decision. I was ready and waiting. I have some education because I know a lot of people are watching so I know what I have to do."

- Benitez | Source: Sky Sports

When Benitez was asked why he didn't shake Ferguson's hand after the match, this was his explanation:

"I was with my players celebrating."


I would love to have been a fly on the wall when someone told Ferguson about Rafa's latest rant.

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