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Poll: How do you feel about international football?

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Claudio Villa

Club football has increasingly taken some of the luster off of international football in recent decades. The degree of this can be debated and the sentiments of individuals will obviously vary in this regard. How do you feel about international football? Is there a certain national team that you support (if so, feel free to share in the comments section below)? Are you the sort of supporter that never misses a friendly? Or do you only tune in for major tournaments such as the World Cup or the European Championships? Or do you despise internationals enough to where you never watch and you simply hope that none of your club players get injured?

For those of you that do enjoy watching international football, are there certain players that you really enjoy watching that have no affiliation with the club and/or country that you support? Share your opinion by voting in our poll and you can further elaborate in the comments sections if you want.

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