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Live International Thread: March 22, 2013

No injuries, please!

David Cannon

Thirteen Manchester United players could in international action today (Antonio Valencia played yesterday for Ecuador -- and he was ace with 3 assists) for World Cup qualifiers. The Reds are spread across three continents. Here are their fixtures:

* MUFC international preview

* Japan vs Canada (friendly) | Doha, Qatar | 2:00pm GMT, 10:00am EST: Shinji Kagawa

* Holland vs Estonia | Amsterdam, Holland | 7:30pm GMT, 3:30pm EST: Robin van Persie

* Northern Ireland vs Russia | Belfast, Northern Ireland | 7:45pm GMT, 3:45pm EST: Jonny Evans

* France vs Georgia | Saint-Denis, France | 7:45pm GMT, 3:45pm EST: Patrice Evra

* Spain vs Finland | Gijon, Spain | 7:45pm GMT, 3:45pm EST: David de Gea

* San Marino vs England | Serravalle, San Marino | 8:00pm GMT, 4:00pm EST: Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck, Ashley Young, Tom Cleverley, Michael Carrick, and Chris Smalling

* Honduras vs Mexico | San Pedro Sula, Honduras | 9:05pm GMT, 5:05pm EST: Javier Hernandez (Chicharito)

* Peru vs Chile | Lima, Peru | 2:10am (March 23), 10:10pm EST: Angelo Henriquez

Here are a handful of other fixtures that you may or may not find interesting -- none of these involve United players, though:

* Croatia vs Serbia | Zagreb, Croatia | 5:00pm GMT, 1:00pm EST

* Scotland vs Wales | Glasgow, Scotland | 8:00pm GMT, 4:00pm EST

* Sweden vs Ireland | Solna, Stockholm, Sweden | 7:45pm GMT, 3:45pm EST

* Columbia vs Bolivia | Barranquilla, Columbia | 8:00pm GMT, 4:00pm EST

* Argentina vs Venezuela | Buenos Aires, Argentia | 12:00am GMT (March 23), 8:00pm EST

* United States vs Costa Rica | Denver, Colorado, United States | 2:11am GMT (March 23), 10:11pm EST

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