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De Gea, Chica, transfers and more goodies

Interesting thoughts from the Gaffer on life next season

Julian Finney

What a manager. We're so used to it that we don't realize that when most managers are battling for champions league places and against relegation, or complaining about how their team is better but doesn't win (looking at you, Mancini), Sir Alex Ferguson is already planning the long term future of the club. Here, he gives us his thoughts on the futures of David De Gea, Javier Hernandez and Rio Ferdinand. Some excerpts...

The improvement is the physical part as he's put on nearly a stone now in terms of muscle. He's much stronger and dealing with the physical part [of the game] much, much better.

For our readers around the world, 1 stone = 6.35 kg = 14 pounds. Eh. What have they been feeding the poor guy?

"I don't think you can prepare for it in training. Steeley does a lot of crossing with the three keepers but you can't prepare for the real thing. We don't want players crashing into one another in training!"

Patience is the name of the game - as we all suspected Sir Alex never considered dropping De Gea, he was just easing him in. I highly recommend the full article - you get a sense that the Gaffer feels De Gea has turned a corner in his career and speaks freely about the recent past. There's even a part where he refers to The Great Dane as, well, a dying pig!

On the topic of transfers, the Scot was unfortunately interested when Robert Lewandowski was mentioned, although he had previously said the he had enough headaches with the existing crop of forwards:

"We'll just have to wait and see where we are in terms of if we win the league. Maybe then we'll view it differently."

He also talked about not making a big name signing, Danny Welbeck's poor return in front of goal and signed off on the topic with a tantalizing hint that you couldn't be sure he wouldn't splash the cash.

When it came to the Little Pea and Rio, who have both been tremendous this season, there was no doubt what he wanted - stay.

[On Chica] "We hope he feels as though he has made a contribution. He has scored 16 goals. When he came on the other night [at West Ham] his movement was terrific. He created a lot of openings for us.

[On Rio] "We want him to stay and obviously I'm sure his representatives will be discussing things with David Gill. I wouldn't imagine that [moving abroad] would be the best thing for him."

The full articles can be found on the ManUtd site:

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There is also a very nice one about Tom Cleverly speaking about Michael Carrick.

In all, a very good series of articles for you guys. Give your reactions here - do you think the Little Mexican will leave? And do you think the Gaffer is going to get a big name signing in?