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Jousting before the Derby

The two skippers led the charge in the build up to the Manchester Derby. Of course, Vida looked cooler.

Maybe he's saying "Johnny boy, you beat me, I kill you."?
Maybe he's saying "Johnny boy, you beat me, I kill you."?
Alex Livesey

In a dramatic turn of events, both Manchester United and Manchester City's skippers provided their views on the Derby game on Monday. I've always liked Vincent Kompany, especially since it's wicked that he spells it with a K - I've found him to be quite similar to Nemanja Vidic with his no-nonsense tackling, leadership and aerial prowess. However, Vinnie K seemed quite the deluded kid next to the Serbanator at his press conference...

"A derby is a derby. I don't think we could care less about the league in that game. It is about who is going to be champions of Manchester."


..."champions of Manchester."

Okay. So THAT's why they got that bucket-load of internationals. To win a Derby game.

That said, the Belgian was quite sensible for the rest of his press meet, and probably did much better than a particular Frenchmen would have.

On the other hand, Vida was as Vida is. Scary.

"I never speak with an opponent before a game. I am good friends with Kolarov and Nastasic. But I don't like to talk. I like to go there and do it. On game day I think about the game, I don't waste energy before the game starts, otherwise you end up tired."

The most surprising part of the conference was knowing that Vida was actually friends with them. The rest of it was par for the course. Efficient killing machine, anyone?

It's amazed me that in a team full of stars in attack, Kompany's presence + Vida's absence last year was the single most important reason for the title being decked in sky blue. Turning that around, despite City's good defensive record, Kompany has been out for a major chunk this season while stability has returned to our defense with Vida stepping in to partner/alternate with Rio.

That said, how much do you love this guy? He loves the club, loves his game and has the most kick-ass cool chant Old Trafford has made up for a long, long time. I'm a big Vidic fan, and hope he stays with us till the end.