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Preview: Manchester United vs Swansea City -- Old Trafford will bid farewell to Sir Alex Ferguson and Paul Scholes

Have tissue ready.

Alex Livesey

This isn't going to be a proper preview. The title was won long ago so there really isn't a need (nor demand I'm assuming) for a form guide, tactical keys, nor a scouting report for Swansea City. There will be 90 minutes of inconsequential football for both sides. If anything, the match is going to feel a bit like a testimonial: emotions will be high and eyes won't dry as Old Trafford bids farewell to the institution that is Sir Alex Ferguson and also to the legendary Paul Scholes. In addition, captain Nemanja Vidic will have the privilege of lifting the Premier League trophy after the match*. There's guaranteed to be some dramatic scenes at the Theatre of Dreams on Sunday.

* There's speculation that Vida may move over and allow Fergie and Scholesy to lift the trophy together. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the ginger maestro snuck off to the dressing room after the game's final whistle while few notice.

Hearts will undoubtedly (and understandably) be heavy for both those attending at Old Trafford and for the millions watching all around the world. Fergie is the man responsible for building a global Manchester United empire. What's uniquely different, though, about this particular empire is that no far reach part of it feels that distant nor like a colony -- there truly is a family feel to what has become a global club under Sir Alex**.

** Social media and the incredible commercial teams of both United and the Premier League, though, have obviously played a major role in this as well.

Although he hasn't featured in a match since late January, Scholes is expected to start -- if he doesn't he'll surely come on as a substitute. Since this is Fergie's last match in charge at Old Trafford, Ryan Giggs can be anticipated too. It would also feel appropriate if the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra, Michael Carrick, and perhaps even Wayne Rooney started as well. It would also be nice to see David de Gea and Robin van Persie join in*** because each were so instrumental in this season's title -- wrestling it back from Manchester City was the last great fight of Fergie's career.

*** And Rafael, but he's unfortunately suspended for last week's incident with David Luiz.

Immerse yourself in the moment and soak it all in if you're lucky enough to be one of the 76,000 or so at Old Trafford. And bring tissue. Do the same, anyway, if you're one of the tens of the millions (possibly more) of United fans around the globe that will be watching.

Thank you for everything Sir Alex and Scholesy.

KO: 4:00pm BST, 11:00am EST | Old Trafford

TV: Sky Sports 1 (U.K.), FOX Soccer (U.S.)