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Sir Alex Ferguson confirms that Wayne Rooney has asked for a transfer

Sir Alex Ferguson has refused Wayne Rooney's transfer request.

Alex Livesey

It feels wrong to talk about Wayne Rooney on a great day like this. Nonetheless, there is some news that probably should be noted: Sir Alex Ferguson has just confirmed in an interview with Sky's Geoff Shreeves that Wazza, who was rumored to have put in a transfer request a few weeks ago, has indeed done so. The soon-to-be-retired manager, though, also said that the striker will not be sold. This is the second time in three seasons now that the England international has requested a move away from Old Trafford.

If Rooney is keen to leave, then hopefully he goes. The club is no longer reliant on him and at wages of £250k/week, his mercurial performances and petulant attitude now just makes him a source of frustration. Wazza is surely going to want similar wages elsewhere, if he leaves, so that's going to limit the number of possible clubs that he could join -- the likes of Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and perhaps Monaco (who are rumored to have just secured the services of Falcao for next season) are the only ones that could afford his wages and transfer fee. With his inconsistent form, it's arguable if Rooney would help many of those teams. Perhaps though, a change of scenery would do him good.

Ferguson's stance that Rooney won't be sold is an understandable one. The club will surely be exploring transfer options and their denial that he's up for sale gives them some more leverage in any negotations. It would be hard for the club to turn down any offer north of £30 million for Wazza.

Update: Here's exactly what Fergie had to say on the matter...

"He's asked for a transfer, we refused it and that's where it lies. It was better he didn't play today; he can mull it over now. He's not happy about being taken off a few times but Wayne in top form would not be taken off. He should think about his future here because he will be here."

- Ferguson | Source: MUTV