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David Moyes spent the day at Carrington

The David Moyes era at Manchester United begins.

Paul Thomas

David Moyes doesn't officially become the manager at Manchester United until July 1. However, push that date out of your mind because his work at his new club has already started.

According to numerous reports, the Scot spent the day at Carrington today getting acclimated to the training ground while his time was also spent meeting much of the backroom staff. The speclation is that he wants to clarify as much as he can to the staffs at both United and Everton before many of them go on holiday soon -- though it's not expected that massive changes will be made to the current United staff. Some of his coaches at Everton -- specifically Steve Round and Jimmy Lumsden -- could be joining him as could his former player (and former Red) Phil Neville. As Moyes left the training ground today, he was seen in a car with Sir Alex Ferguson and long-time kit man Albert Morgan -- perhaps that's an indication that the latter will be staying at the club.

There are few obvious things that Moyes needs to immediately address: the Wayne Rooney transfer saga and he probably needs to begin getting organized for the upcoming transfer window. The new manager has indicated that he wishes for his former player at Everton to stay at United but the issue is complicated -- it wouldn't be a shock to see Rooney leave in the summer nor would it be a surprise if he returns in a red shirt next season. An easier issue for Moyes is Rio Ferdinand -- the 34-year-old defender is anticipated to sign a new contract by the week's end.

Moyes is still expected to work with Everton chairman Bill Kenwright until a new manager is appointed there. Therefore, the Scot will be working double duty until then. Nonetheless, the David Moyes era at Manchester United begins. That feels so weird to write.