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Wilfried Zaha/Internationals Open Thread for the week

Wilfried Zaha will be flying down the wing at Wembley.

Michael Regan

The season for Manchester United is obviously over (Champions 20|13 season review). There is, though, a handful of football matches this week that you might be interested in -- starting with Wilfried Zaha leading Crystal Palace today at Wembley in their one-off for promotion to the Premier League against Watford. There's also a handful of international friendlies throughout the week. Therefore, I'll open up this thread if the community here wishes to discuss any of it. Here's a fixture guide for some matches that you might be interested in:


* Crystal Palace vs Watford | KO: 3:00pm BST, 10:00am EST


* Ecuador vs Germany | KO: 7:30pm BST, 2:30pm EST

* England vs Ireland | KO: 8:00pm BST, 3:00pm EST

* United States vs Belgium | KO: 1:00am BST (Thursday), 8:00pm EST


* Japan vs Bulgaria | KO: 11:20am BST, 6:20am EST


* Mexico vs Nigeria | KO: 2:00am BST (Saturday), 9:00pm EST


* Bayern Munich vs VfB Stuttgart (German Cup final) | KO: 7:00pm BST, 2:00pm EST

* Brazil vs England | KO: 12:00am BST (Sunday), 7:00pm EST


* Ireland vs Georgia | KO: 5:30pm BST, 12:30pm EST

* United States vs Germany | 7:30pm BST, 2:30pm EST