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Manchester United - A Money Making Machine

Manchester United made more money in the last quarter than the majority of Premier League clubs

Paul Thomas

Manchester United released their most recent Quarterly financial figures this week and they made for extremely pretty reading. This result matched that Of Newcastle United's for the whole of last season. Staggering.

Going over the intricate details of the figures is way beyond my intellect. And therefore I shall direct you over to the brilliant "The Swiss Ramble" Blog who explains it very well. He experts in the financial side of football, better than anyone.

......Furthermore, the latest results do not include the new deal signed with Aon last month for the naming rights to the club’s Carrington training centre and sponsorship of the training kit and overseas tours. The club has not divulged how much this deal is worth with press estimates varying between £120 million and £180 million for the eight-year agreement, but it will certainly represent a significant uplift to the DHL £10 million training kit deal......

.....It’s not all good news in these figures, as wages have again grown by an unexpectedly high 25% to £44.9 million following expensive arrivals in the summer (including Robin van Persie from Arsenal and Shinji Kagawa from Borussia Dortmund), renegotiated contracts for existing players and growth in United’s commercial team. That said, the important wages to turnover ratio actually fell 2% to 49%.....

The Swiss Ramble