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Sir Alex Retires

An Era Ends. Another will begin.

Take A Bow, Sir Alex
Take A Bow, Sir Alex
Alex Livesey

This was not supposed to happen. There are many, like me, who feel there is no club without Sir Alex, and no Sir Alex without the club. However, life (and Manchester United) is much more than that. Life will go on, and so will the club, even without the most breathtakingly brilliant, purple-faced, warm and adamant man the world has possibly seen screaming for success from the sidelines.

Suddenly, all talk of players and central midfielders is useless. The biggest transfer need is clear. But let us not go there for now. For now, let us not think of numbers like 49 or 13, the titles he has won. Nor even those that are too small, like 3. Let us think of numbers like 1986 and 2013. 26 seasons he has given us, Twenty Six. There are many fans (and players) who are used to the sight of him at every press conference, in the box chewing his gum, and screaming at the referee. He was the one who always had your back, the fan of the club who cared more than any of us knew we could. This will change our club. This is United's greatest challenge of the age - and it is one that cannot really be overcome. Thank you, Sir.

Every Single One Of Us, Loves Sir Alex Ferguson.

Edit: The above was a reference to the amazing love fans showed him when he decided to retire the first time. They(we) sung this for 60 minutes, non-stop.

Edit: To save you guys the trouble, I've decided to close this post for comments. Please carry on with Gene's post on the same here - Cheers!