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Sir Alex Ferguson -- the greatest football manager of all-time -- retires

There's only one Sir Alex Ferguson.

David Cannon
I've had some very recent life experiences that have really put things into perspective. Nonetheless, the announcement that Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson -- the greatest football manager of all-time -- has retired has left me numb, in somewhat shock, and a bit confused. In (very quick) hindsight, though, the timing makes sense -- he's achieved everything a club football manager could have and he's successfully fought off every single challenge to his hard-fought and earned place atop England's perch. At 71-years-young, despite his seemingly good health, it's not a bad time to go -- 13 titles in 26+ seasons and his convincing responses to the threats of Arsene Wenger's Arsenal, Roman Abramovich's Chelsea, and Sheikh Monsour's Manchester City to his reign makes this an understandable time to walk away. In addition, with the young talent in the cupboard, Ferguson can justifiably feel that he's leaving the club in a good place. There's quite obviously so much more depth to this. For now, I simply wish to say thank you -- I'm grateful for 26+ years that reasonably could not have been more enjoyable for any club football fan in the entire world. I'm at a loss for words for now, but my heart is pounding with appreciation. Thank you Sir Alex, you are genuinely one-of-a-kind.