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Poll: Which rumoured Manchester United transfer target do you fancy most?

Let us know whom you want most.

Laurence Griffiths

Manchester United, just like any other football club, have been linked with a whole host of players for the summer transfer window -- and I know each of you (just as I do) have your own personal preferences as to which ones you hope the club brings in to help the David Moyes era get started. Which one of these players, though, do you pine for most? I'm not going to discuss any of these players now because I don't want to influence anyone's vote. In addition, I'm also going to the narrow the voting choices down to the most heavily linked players. Therefore, loosely linked ones such as a Nemanja Matic or a Gareth Bale won't be included. One other caveat that I'm going to put on this is leaving out Cristiano Ronaldo for a number of reasons. The speculated buyout-clause for a player or their guesstimated transfer value will also accompany each player in the poll. I simply want to gauge the pulse of United fans so let us know whom you want most!