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Barcelona midfielder claims that he hasn't spoken to Manchester United

Manchester United seem very interested in Cesc, however, does the Barcelona midfielder have any interest in them?


The central-midfielders most heavily linked with Manchester United for this summer's transfer window have been PSV Eindhoven's Kevin Strootman, Everton's Marouane Fellaini, and Barcelona's Thiago Alcantara and Cesc Fabregas. It's the latter two, though, that new manager David Moyes might be most keen on. There's even been a recent report that Thiago has informed Barcelona that he intends to leave this summer and that United have made a bid for him. With Cesc, though, he's expressed a few times recently that he intends to stay in Catalonia -- and that includes this most recent statement:

"People talk a lot but the truth is that no one has spoken with me. I want to triumph in Barcelona, that club is my home and I always dreamed of playing there, so I will try and succeed there as long as I can."

- Fabregas | Source: Movistar

I suppose there are a few simple ways to look at this: one is to think that a possible United pursuit of the former Arsenal captain is futile and that there's no way he's leaving the boyhood club he so insistently pined for a few seasons ago when he made his move away from the Emirates. In addition, the Gunners are thought to have a first option on their former talisman so that could possibly complicate things for United if they were to make a bid. The other basic, and contrasting, view is that there's a lot smoke to these Cesc rumors and because of this, there may be fire. Also, these are similar statements the Spain international made weeks before he left Arsenal for Barcelona. This Cesc situation is certainly one to keep an eye on for any developments because increasingly, it seems clearer and clearer that United have a strong interest in the talented and versatile midfielder. It's just not certain if that interest isreciprocal.