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Fixtures announced : Moyes must hit the ground running

Is it a challenge or a nightmare? Either way, the David Moyes Era will be off to a bang this August.

Mike Hewitt

17 Aug - Swansea City Away
24 Aug - Chelsea Home
31 Aug - Liverpool Away
14 Sep - Crystal Palace Home

Possible UCL Midweek
21 Sep - Manchester City Away

This is not the start you wanted for Manchester United. Facing your two biggest rivals and the old enemy, with a champion's league qualifying game before one of those matches. While starting the season under the spotlights at Wembley.

There's one line of thought that says you've got to meet every team twice and the order doesn't really matter. But with a new team, and with competition sniffing around once the Great Man isn't at the dugout anymore, things couldn't have gone much worse for the Red Devils. I'm sure we all wanted to ease Moyes into the job, but with high-voltage fixtures like these, maintaining objectivity is going to be a tough task.

In many ways, this makes our transfer window that much more important. It is absolutely essential to get world-class or thereabouts players and to get them early to integrate them into the squad. July can't come fast enough for David Moyes, just as August can't come slow enough after today.

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