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Barcelona might be getting desperate on the Thiago situation

Barcelona reportedly are insisting on a buy-back clause if Thiago joins Manchester United.

Thiago steps closer to Old Trafford
Thiago steps closer to Old Trafford
Alex Grimm

As we were just providing you an update on the latest in regards to Thiago Alcantara and the increasingly likelihood that he's soon to join Manchester United, journalist Miguel Delaney -- who has proven to be reliable and well-informed in regards to United -- tweeted this series of tidbits:

Okay, I know what question you have after reading that -- how can Barcelona insist on a buy-back clause for Thiago if United activate the midfielder's £17 million release clause? Well, they can't. It's very possible that the Catalan club is getting desperate about the possibility of losing Thiago and they could be offering to sell him at a cut-rate if United give them a buy-back clause. Delaney minutes later tweeted a similar thought:

The £17 million or so to buy Thiago is an incredible deal for one of Europe's most promising young talents. In fact, I think one could argue that the 22-year-old is already a top-notch midfielder that could be a big season away at United from being considered world-class. Perhaps that sounds like an exaggeration, but the Spain international's talent is so obvious and prodigious that that's a major reason why the transfer speculation in regards to him has been so loud. Therefore, United will hopefully pay the full amount for this bargain of a release clause and not let a few million pounds saved prevent them from having full control over Thiago. United seemingly have all the leverage while Barcelona appear desperate. Wages are said to have already been agreed between the English champions and player so hopefully this deal closes soon.