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If the Cristiano Ronaldo pursuit falters, is Robert Lewandowski 'plan B'?

Robert Lewandowski is a wonderful player, however, Manchester United don't need him.

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Dennis Grombkowski

Here's what is becoming seemingly clear as of late in regards to summer transfer priorities for Manchester United: above all, they desire a dramatic reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo -- and beyond that, closing Thiago Alcantara has become of massive importance. And what if the club can't land Ronnie (there are definitely some cynics who don't believe in the feasibility of this, but all evidence points to United's desire for their former great -- whether this can happen or not)? Well, according to Mark Ogden of the Daily Telegraph -- yeah, that lad who used to piss off Sir Alex Ferguson due to having the audacity of being accurate with his reporting -- Borussia Dortmund's Robert Lewandowski is essentially a 'plan B.'

Undoubtedly, Lewandowski is one of the top six-seven No.9's in the world. In addition, he's only 24-years-old and he perhaps could be had at a cut-rate because he only has a year left on his current contract with the UEFA Champions League's runners-up. However, United have a No.9 that is arguably better than the Poland international in Robin van Persie and this is a player brought in last summer that ended up being a (or the) key player in winning the title this season. In addition, they also have a mercurial and former world-class talent in Wayne Rooney who would love that role -- although he could be sold this summer -- while the club still has other wonderful young striker talents like Javier Hernandez (Chicharito) and Danny Welbeck.

At this point, it's difficult to say with certainty on what will happen with Ronaldo. United's summer activity, though, is likely to be heavily influenced by this and also by Rooney's uncertain situation. Lewandowski, too, clearly desires a move to Bayern. However, according to Ogden's report, it's possible that United is his preferred choice abroad if Dortmund won't sell to their rivals.

As previously mentioned, United don't need any help in their strike force. Even if Rooney departed, this would simply open up more deserving opportunities for Chicharito and Welbeck in behind the world-class van Persie. Even if Lewandowski arrived, how would United accommodate them both? Rotation isn't the answer for two world-class players and their abilities would not compliment each other in Europe -- sure, perhaps they could combine together in a 4-4-2 in England while overwhelming a handful of opponents, however, the team's shape would be vulnerable in 'big games.'

If we hadn't acquired van Persie last summer, and if our new talisman hadn't been so instrumental in us winning back the title this season from Manchester City, the possibility of a Lewandowski move would make great sense. But it doesn't now because the context has changed. If United can't land Ronaldo, they'd be best leaving the pursuit of another goalscorer alone unless it was a versatile attacking-midfielder.