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Today's Thiago gossip round-up: "80-20 chance" of United move

A wide variety of sources have been having their say on Thiago today - there's nothing major to report, but here's all the news in once place.

David Ramos

There aren't any really major Thiago stories today, but there are a lot of smaller ones, so here's a recap of all the latest.

Graham Hunter

One of the leading sources on the story since it's inception, Hunter gave another tweet today saying he gives the move an eight out of ten chance of happening. A few days ago he said seven out of ten, so there's progress for you.


The Spanish sports newspaper claims that Thiago has an "irresistible" offer from Manchester United, and that the player is minded to leave with Barcelona highly unlikely to convince him to stay. They also make much of the fact that Thiago's wages will be significantly increased, which, since it's a Catalan paper, might be laying the ground for a smearing after he does leave.

Guillem Balague

Given that Balague's record of late has been somewhere between "Ian McGarry" and "holidaying through a game of Football Manager and reporting the transfers as real-life fact" (the latter option being the more reliable, naturally, unless you mean reliably wrong), this is almost bad news. Nonetheless, it's another source backing the move, so in here it goes.

Andy Mitten

A reliable United source, Mitten has been right about plenty of things in the past and he seems confident that Thiago is United-bound. I'm not a subscriber to United We Stand (I'm a Red Issue man, myself), but he did tweet the salient information in the article.

El Mundo Deportivo

A report by the paper rubbishes the claim that Rafinha will join Everton on loan, but states United are still first-choice to sign Thiago. Worryingly, they also cite interest from Bayern, but don't really say much else about that. Most intriguing of all is the claim that a public statement could be made within the next few days by the player.

So, there you are. Overall, it's good news. The English press usually file these sorts of stories between 10:30 p.m. and midnight UTC, so if anything United-related turns up then, we'll let you know on here.