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A post about Phil Neville's apartment because nothing else is going on

Phil Neville was living the high life as a Mancunian Frasier Crane, the Daily Mail reveals, and we discuss because nothing else is happening.

Ian Walton

Merry 25th of June, United fans. Nothing is really going on today, as it's the off-season. We thought about giving you an 'On this United day' post as a result, but nothing ever really happens on this day to Manchester United. Because it's the off-season. It's the 25-year anniversary of that Marco van Basten volley, but of course, he only plays for United in his reincarnated form.

Anyway, today represents a rare opportunity. Gary Neville has retired, and Phil Neville has not yet, as expected, taken up a job among the coaching staff at Manchester United. That means we're coming to the end of the window at which no members of the Neville family work for our club, which also means we can make fun of them at will. And look here, the Daily Mail has some pictures of inside Phil's flat.

The first thing that sprung to mind here was chanting "you're just a s*** Frasier Crane", but are there deeper concerns here? Do we really want to entrust the future of Manchester United's youth to a man who thinks black is going to be a great colour scheme for an expensive but slightly cramped apartment? And who worryingly chooses to photograph his children in Everton kits when they've got a solid-gold Dad Rule excuse to support United? Is that the kind of vision we want responsible for bringing through the next Darron Gibson?

Well, probably not. At least the Frasier analogy works, Phil Neville living a spin-off after a highly successful previous show featuring an ensemble cast. I know what you're thinking: "If Phil Neville is Frasier, doesn't that make Gary Niles? That doesn't work." That's where you'd be wrong.