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Manchester United reveal 2013/14 home kit

Manchester United revealed their new home kit for the coming season

Michael Regan

Manchester United today revealed the new home kit for the coming season.

Lets get straight into what the club's official website had to say of the new design.

The kit features the return of the black collar, a popular and evocative symbol ever since Eric Cantona wore it upturned in the 1990s. This season’s tailored, button-down collar boasts three buttons at the front and one at the back, a modern twist that’s also intrinsically Mancunian.

Clean and classic, the new kit features a single shade of red, although the gingham-inspired check design that characterised last season’s shirt (and was such a feature of Manchester’s cotton mills in the 18th Century) still makes an appearance – in tonal black and grey, underneath the collar and in two side vents on the shirt’s hem.

The new home shorts are white with a thin black stripe on the hem at the back, while the socks are the customary black and feature a white stripe between two red stripes – a design that replicates the popular United bar scarves – halfway up the leg. This makes it easier for players to pick out team-mates on the pitch.

Official Website

For images, click here to be taken to the offical website

To be honest, I am to fashion what Bebe is to football! But I like it. It has that retro feel to it and I like the collar. As soon as I saw it I had memories of Cantona, and my first United kit which was THE Cantona collar kit, with Sharp on the front. The buttons add to the retro feel, and depending on your own style, I guess you can wear it with them done up, or if you feel like showing a bit of chest hair, down....

Whats your thoughts? I think this is a big improvement from last years home kit, as i really did not like the checked look to them, although I did love the white away kit. And if you like, cast your mind back and tell us what your all time favourite United kit is.