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Chelsea star says Wayne Rooney would be 'a brilliant signing' for the London club

Eden Hazard, understandably, wants to play alongside a striker better than Fernando Torres.

Shaun Botterill

Annoyingly, the Wayne Rooney transfer saga is not likely to end anytime soon and it could potentially drag on until the end of August for a plethora of reasons. It's difficult to tell if Chelsea is truly keen on the striker, and although Jose Mourinho has recently expressed his appreciation for the player's talents, that wasn't necessarily a message that he desires to buy the player. Or maybe it was a coy way of doing so... I don't really know. Chelsea attacker Eden Hazard, though, has made it quite clear that he would desire the player at Stamford Bridge. It's hard to blame the Belgian after he had to spend his first season in England playing alongside Fernando Torres.

"Rooney would be a brilliant signing. He's a great player who has the experience and he's still only young, at 27. He's got a few years left to play. But it's not up to me. It's not my decision."

- Hazard | Source: Sky Sports

Mourinho is not an idiot so there's no way that he would have agreed to take the Chelsea job again if owner Roman Abramovic was going to force him to persist with Torres up front. The hugely talented Romelu Lukaku appears to not be going on loan this season, but it's thought Europa League champions are still pursuing another striker to go along with the 20-year-old striker. One Chelsea target, Edinson Cavani, is likely to be on the verge of completing a move to Paris Saint-Germain so that eliminates their likely top choice this summer. I don't think Branislav Ivanovic would be too excited at the prospect Luis Suarez in the dressing room while Robert Lewandowski has his heart set on Bayern Munich. There's obviously no Falcao move in the works since the Columbian is on his way to Monaco. Gonzalo Higuain or Christian Benteke may emerge as possibilities, but one could argue that Rooney is more desirable than the both of them (perhaps not, though, if wages are considered). Zlatan Ibrahimovic could add a wrinkle into Europe's summer striker carousel as some outlets are suggesting that he will refuse to play up top with Cavani at PSG. With all of this context in mind, it's feasible that Chelsea would want Rooney.

Anyway, these are some of the angles to consider at the moment in regards to Rooney and Chelsea. The eventual moves and non-moves of Europe's top strikers are likely to heavily influence any possible move for the United No.10 -- unless, of course, Mourinho makes a decisive bid for the striker after missing out on Cavani. I wouldn't blame you for doubting recent Chelsea links for Rooney, but I do think it would be a mistake to be completely dismissive of it.