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Second Bid For Cesc Confirmed

David Moyes gives us a frank response. Fergie is squirming in his executive chair.

Brendon Thorne

To review TBB's coverage of the initial bid and what that meant, check this out...

If there is something like a disarming admission, then what David Moyes said in Yohohama must be it. The manager said that:

  1. Ed Woodward had received a response for the initial bid.
  2. The CEO has made a second, improved bid.
  3. There may be a time when the deal becomes impossible, but now is not that.
  4. He is not on top of the deal - he's indicated he wants Cesc and the United Machine has whirred into action.
Well, there are positives and negatives to take away from this - the negatives of course being that:
  • Moyes is not personally handling this deal, and
  • He seems quite forthright that it may not happen at all.
The flipside, of course is that:
  • United have presumably been sufficiently encouraged by the player/club's response to return with another bid.
  • The manager is clearly not planning his transfer activity around this player - a person who admits it may not happen must surely have a contingency plan (internal or external) up his sleeve (right?).
  • Finally, it is entirely possible that by answering the Cesc questions fairly and clearly, the manager keeps the public eye away from more lucrative dealings (a man can dream...)
What do you lot think now - how has the Cesc-o-metre swung since the last poll?
For consistency, the same options have been retained...