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Poll: Who is your favourite current Manchester United player?

Alex Livesey

I was recently clicking around Manchester United's store on their official site with the intent on buying one of the new home shirts, and while I was doing so, I realized I had no idea which player to pick. The past few seasons have seen the departures of my two favorite all-time footballers (Paul Scholes and Park Ji-sung) while the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo is one I still haven't properly gotten over. Like most Reds, I love the majority of our players -- I'm just not sure which one it is that I'm now most fond of. Ryan Giggs, for obvious reasons, is probably the one I have the most appreciation for but he's never quite won me over like Scholesy did (to each their own). I absolutely love Nemanja Vidic's destroyer ways, I love Rio Ferdinand's intensity and class as a defender, I love Patrice Evra's feisty ways and bravery to call out Luis Suarez for racial abuse, I love Michael Carrick's under-appreciated world-class abilities, I love 'Big Save Dave' and him proving the lazy doubters wrong, I love the Eric Cantona affect that Robin van Persie just had in our title-winning season, I love Chicharito because he's so adorable, I love Phil Jones because of Phil Jones face, I love Rafael because he's a foxhole guy, and I even love Antonio Valencia because he once was unplayable on his day and has a steely character. I just don't know, though, which player on the current squad is my favorite. I ask, though, who is your favorite player on the current United squad?