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Poll: Which Manchester United legend, in his prime, would you put into the current squad?

Could you imagine George Best or a 2006-09 version of Cristiano Ronaldo lined up next to Robin van Persie in attack? Or how about Roy Keane or Bryan Robson providing the steel in midfield next to Michael Carrick?

Mike Hewitt

No football is being played right now and no actual transfers are happening at the moment. That will all come about soon enough, though, for now, I thought it might be fun to ask, "If you could pick one player from Manchester United's history, restore them to their prime years with the club, and put them in the current side right now, whom would you pick?"

The question is certainly an open one. Many of us have our own players that we're most fond of and there could be a wide gap of age between between any two given fans -- thus, experiences and perspectives can vary quite a bit. In addition, some supporters could have had a relatively late exposure to United due to perhaps not living in the British Isles -- the global exposure of the Premier League has obviously exploded in recent decades.

Another factor to consider is the current squad's weaknesses and needs. I'm sure most would agree that central-midfield is David Moyes' most problematic position but left-back, the wide attackers, and perhaps another position could be considered major concerns. Cristiano Ronaldo and George Best can be argued to be United's greatest players at the their absolute peaks, however, perhaps you'd rather pick someone like Roy Keane or Bryan Robson in order to provide steel next to Michael Carrick or if you don't happen to be convinced by David de Gea, maybe you'd like to see Peter Schmeichel between the posts. Or maybe you feel that Jaap Stam in his prime would be a major upgrade over the aging duo of Rio Ferdinand or Nemanja Vidic or perhaps you'd prefer a younger Paul Scholes or Eric Cantona 'in the hole' instead of a current Wayne Rooney or a not-completely-established (in the Premier League that is) Shinji Kagawa. Or maybe you have a completely different player in mind.

Be sure to vote in our poll and you're also welcome to elaborate on your pick in the comments section.