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News Roundup : Nani seems back on board, while Roy puts his foot in it

Manchester United news over the last few days - feel free to voice your thoughts here!

Jamie McDonald

So, a spate of articles in the papers on United and no place to discuss them? Let's set that right...

Why, Roy? Why?

Rooney has been "fit for several days", according to the England manager[...]

So, it's been a couple of days now that Roy Hodgson has voiced his opinion, very publicly, about the Manchester United vs Wayne Rooney heavyweight fight. First, he went around saying that Rooney was perfectly fine, no shoulder problems etc (right after United gave that as a reason he couldn't train with 'contact'). Now he's firmly behind his man, talking up his amazing sharpness and his place in the team regardless of playing time at the club. It's nothing totally disrespectful. It's just something he could have avoided, and something that possibly irritates Moyes.

The article also contains some typically forthright thoughts from Gary Neville on the situation.

I could argue in the last eight years he has been the most important player in the Premier League, scoring 20-plus goals in most of them, assisting, fighting for every single ball in every single game.

While 'eight years' may be an overstatement, 'since Ronaldo left' in that place makes for convincing reading.

Nani want's to stay? Moyesey, sign him up!

"I hope to win the league again and, for my personal wishes, I want to be at my best and score a lot of goals. Like I said, I just need to be at my best and then everything will come together,"

The quote is old (from the Crewe reserve friendly around the time we played Cerezo Osaka) and probably flew under the radar. It is quite different from the line Nani and his advisers have taken for almost a year now - constantly talking him up, talking of wages, interest from other clubs and so on - and seems like an indication he will be back in the fold. Certainly, the lack of transfer activity around Nani since Moyesey took over does indicate he is valued highly - a contract extension just might be on the cards with regular playing time.

Vida is ready and raring to go!

"I never like to make big promises but I believe I am fit. I am sure of how fit I am. I feel really good. Now it's all behind me, one and a-half years after my [first and more serious] operation and I'm ready to go."

Captain Courageous (ok, a bit corny that) is back to his best, if we are to believe him. Brushing aside talk of not being offered a new contract almost as lightly as he did Micah Richards, Vida seems quite confident in himself. Although 31 years old, and according to conventional wisdom "in decline", we can take great courage from Rio's form over the last few years. Maybe, just maybe we could discount those lost years and imagine Vida is 29 again?

Welbeck could be the new Rooney? Maybe, sortof.

If Rooney does leave Old Trafford this season, the more creative Shinji Kagawa will hope to receive more opportunities in that No10 role but Welbeck demonstrated here that he's also deserving of a starting place.

A couple of days late, for those who missed it in the aftermath of the Community Shield victory. Michael Cox with some interesting thoughts on Danny's role in the team - it sounds like if he brushes up his finishing, we'll have one heck of a player.

Blast from the past: 10 years of CR7

Something Wilfred Zaha should be monitoring:

After a rocky start of too many step-overs and plenty of play-acting, Ronaldo went on to be one of United' most exciting players ever before taking Real Madrid by storm.

Reports have Ronaldo in Manchester today. That's an interesting coincidence, and that's all I'm saying!

And one for the romantics

With Fergie keeping an unbelievably disciplined low profile (no news of his hip surgery either - get well soon, Boss!) this comes as a really nice read. I do believe it's a bit old, and again, it's for any who missed it....

Give us your thoughts on the topics covered here, and any others!