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David Moyes is no transfer dunce

Another article that's flown under the radar and ought to be pinned up

Shaun Botterill

As we move towards the end of a dry summer with no transfer activity to talk of - apart from fluttering well made-up eyelashes at Cesc Fabregas and playing strict teacher with Thiago Alcantara - David Moyes' credentials (or lack thereof) in the transfer window have been discussed ad nauseum. A report that flew under the radar just might set many Manchester United fans' minds at ease.

The Scouting System That Reveals David Moyes' Mind - The Independant

It addresses a few concerns:

  • Moyes did not bring in his backroom team on a whim or for comfort - it is clear that he works a way that is different from the usual, and needs his team to hit the ground running
  • Moyes has considerable experience in scouting Europe
  • It is likely that since he looked to buy potential and buy cheap while at Everton, a number of the 'breakout' stars that we've heard of are known to him. I.e, he may not have shopped at the same supermarket but he's been to the farmers' quite a bit
  • Moyes has more faith in Zaha's Championship Education than most of us do
Indeed, it's well worth a read. Share your thoughts in the comments section...