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Are Manchester United looking to scupper Liverpool's bid for the Anzhi star?

Claudio Villa

With the Anzhi Makhachkala meltdown providing an influx of players at the fag end of the transfer season, it looks like Manchester United may get their hands on a real player. While early reports suggested that Willian Borges da Silva was headed to Liverpool, recent news suggests that the big-haired, combative midfielder with an eye for a pass may end up on the right side of English Football's Greatest Rivalry (and all that jazz).

Worryingly, the same article suggests we are in for Mesut Ozil - an excellent player no doubt and one who would slot right into the space we have on the bench in the reserves for attackers. That's the logjam up front, ladies and gentlemen, and that's where the place is. No disrespect to vanishing, wide eyed German players intended.

Link: Daily Mail

A bit on the player's preference for the EPL - his earlier club, Shakthar Donetsk, blocked a move to the premier league (with Tottenham, I believe?) because of a lower transfer fee, and moved him to Russia instead. With the aforementioned clearout at the big-spending Russian club, Willian is most likely to move into the EPL now. This move seems likely, and if we're in for him, it's hard to see him turn down United + First team Action + Champion's League versus, well, Liverpool (and sharing a room with Luiz Suarez).

▼ Willian Borges Da Silva ● Skills and Goals Montage 2013 | HD (via ceresboa CB)

I'm sure Ed Woodward knew all along that a Russian billionaire would get so pissed with under-performing stars that he'd put his entire team up for sale, at the fag end of the transfer window when City and Tottenham had already snapped up some midfielders, thus giving us first dibs on the midfield presence we've all been clamouring for. I'm sure.