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Cesc Fabregas update: Manchester United bid imminent

Cesc Fabregas has been the subject of plenty of talk this week as rumours of a potential move from Barcelona to Manchester United continue, with the pursuit still on and a third bid expected.

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Cesc Fabregas has been the subject of much talk this week as conflicting stories circle regarding his potential move to Manchester United, but after an official from the Catalan club claimed that United had abandoned their pursuit, reports are unanimous that David Moyes is still determined to land his man, with a third bid expected imminently.

Barcelona's Sport Director, Andoni Zubizarretta, had insisted that United's Fabregas pursuit was dead, just after the club appeared to have been given hope after manager Gerardo Martino appeared to place the ball in the player's court with fresh comments. However, Andy Mitten, consistently well-sourced on all matters United (and seemingly gaining increasing access under the new regime) was quick to quash talk of the Old Trafford hierarchy giving up the chase, which was later boosted by similar reports from the BBC and the Guardian's Daniel Taylor.

In short, this one is still going. A third bid is now expected, but whether it will be enough is debatable. If that move is rejected, then it's likely United will either give up or attempt to make Fabregas demand a transfer personally - an eventuality which seems unlikely, but is not yet off the table.

Unfortunately, this one was never going to be quick or easy. On the plus side, there's no such thing as a comedy Cesc Fabregas wig though, so, you know, every cloud.